I was implementing an HTTPS client/server example just for learning purpose using the book "Implementing SSL / TLS Using Cryptography and PKI" by Joshua Davies. It contains an example implementation with C source code. I just tried to build a HTTPS client using that source code. But, in tls.c file it uses two macros MD5_BYTE_SIZE and SHA1_BYTE_SIZE and I can't see any values defined for these macros in that book. I tried with permutations of 16,24,32 for both macros but failed in SSL handshaking, and greater values causes segmentation fault. I hope if anybody familiar with this book can help me


The publisher keeps two source bundles for the book: GCC and VS.

From {before,after}/ch04/sha.h:

#define SHA1_RESULT_SIZE 5
#define SHA1_BYTE_SIZE SHA1_RESULT_SIZE * sizeof( int )

From {before,after}/ch04/md5.h:

#define MD5_RESULT_SIZE 4
#define MD5_BYTE_SIZE MD5_RESULT_SIZE * sizeof( int )

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