I want to access files in a directory which have spaces in filename from a java program but it doesnot access file.

Scenario is i have names of file in a file . iread file names from that file and not able to open files with spaces in java .

We are using File.exist function to check if file exist but it return false.

i have tried several kind of formats to represent spaces llike "ab\ c"for file name ab c and ab%20c for same file.

but nothing is helping.

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    Show us some code and examples. Java per se handles spaces in filenames just fine with no escaping or anything. – Stephen C Mar 19 '11 at 0:02
  • You may be trying to access a file the user running the jvm don't have access to. It was my case. – BrunoJCM Dec 12 '13 at 16:23

This works fine for me. I do not escape them at all.

System.out.println(new File("/tmp/test 1/").exists());

Ensure you are useing the correct file separator for your operating system.


decode the path, just like this

String decodedPath = URLDecoder.decode(path, "UTF-8");

Well I've never had problems with spaces in filenames while reading through Java. Just make sure you escape the path separator properly. I hope the filenames, if you're about to print out using Java, resolve to existing files with proper access permissions.


if u are taking input as a file path the try using sc.nextline() to read white spaces


Try converting it to a URL

URL url = file.toURI().toURL();

I had the similar problem while trying to read a resource location from Servlet on a Windows OS. The following line worked for me.

String path = config.getServletContext().getResource("/app").toString();
path = URLDecoder.decode(path,"UTF-8");
path = path.replaceAll("file:/", "");
path = path.replaceAll("\\u0020", "\\ ");
File verLocation = new File(path);

After all of the above line the verLocation.exists() is returning true else was also false.

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