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I want to update my object values with some predefined value like 5.

Here is my object,

let data = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":5}

Expected Output;

let data = {"a":5,"b":10,"c":15,"d":25}

Here is my attempt:

Object.keys(data).map(key => data[key] *= 5 )

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Multiply that values with 5:

let data = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":5};
Object.keys(data).forEach(key => data[key] *= 5);

Using Object.Entries()

let data = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":5};
Object.entries(data).forEach(([key, val]) => data[key] = val*5);


Just loop through all the new object's key and update it to existing object.

var obj = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":5,"f":9,"g":11,"h":21}

var newObj = {"a":5,"b":10,"d":20,"h":25}

let keys = Object.keys(newObj)

  obj[x] =  newObj[x]



Try with Object.entries():

The Object.entries() method returns an array of a given object's own enumerable property [key, value] pairs, in the same order as that provided by a for...in loop (the difference being that a for-in loop enumerates properties in the prototype chain as well) .

let data = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":5}
data = Object.entries(data).map(k => ({[k[0]]: k[1] * 5}))


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