I have an ASP.Net core website deployed on Azure app service for Linux.

In the controller, I am trying to get the client certificate like below:

var callerCertificate = Request.HttpContext.Connection.ClientCertificate;

I always get callerCertificate as null. I have tried await Request.HttpContext.Connection.GetClientCertificateAsync() with same result null.

My website webhost creation looks like below:


I have also set SSL setting for the website (in Azure) as below:

enter image description here

The client side caller is a net462 project that uses Microsoft.Rest.CertificateCredentials to set the certificate to HTTP request.

var cred = new CertificateCredentials(_deviceCertificate)
await this.cred.ProcessHttpRequestAsync(_httpRequest, cancellationToken).ConfigureAwait(false);

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You could try to add the certificate using HttpClient directly instead of using Microsoft.Rest.CertificateCredential.

var clientHandler = new HttpClientHandler();
clientHandler.ClientCertificateOptions = ClientCertificateOption.Manual;

var client = new HttpClient(clientHandler);
var result = client.GetAsync("https://yourservice").GetAwaiter().GetResult();

You may also need to configure the SSL protocol (SSL2, SSL3, TLS, etc.):

clientHandler.SslProtocols = SslProtocols.Tls;
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    The aim of what I need to achieve is to keep the client side same and migrate the existing asp.net webapi website to a asp.net core website. Requiring the client to change would be a big breaking change, which I am trying to avoid. Nevertheless, I am going to try what you suggested and see if it works.
    – Tany
    Dec 3, 2018 at 9:34
  • Yeah, at least it may give you more info about the underlying problem. Let me know how it goes...
    – Isma
    Dec 3, 2018 at 9:35
  • 3
    It did not help. Controller is still not getting the certificate. :(
    – Tany
    Dec 3, 2018 at 11:34

Answering my own question: I am able to get the client certificate from header

string clientCertFromHeader = Request.Headers["X-ARR-ClientCert"];

Though, it is still a mystery as to why Request.HttpContext.Connection.ClientCertificate is not giving the certificate.

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