Is there a way to cache aggregated assets in Drupal CMS? I'm thinking on app shell.

So how to on install event cache something if you don't know the name.. Example of a file would be(link provided) and it's same for script files. So in front, I apologize if it's a stupid question. But I don't see a solution except to not aggregate files and just use the same name for every file which is not an option.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/sites/default/files/advagg_css/css__9cWqptSUNYq5YedfIwh33VxtugFVWjDdEsblT8GhLKI__quUjyhSfbEukHj8a0hYvzm9VTmPALmSZvA0xfM_Oxzo__SnGu70QeTX3BAE7hLrkTOo19wb0xspvY3B7ceULSZ1s.css">

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