So I need to get to the addToCart class from another javascript file. But the addToCart isn't in the html, it is in the javascript:

function loadMeals() {
  let i = 0;
  let id = 1;
  let fillMealList = document.querySelector("#fillMealList");
  for (let i = 0; i < meals.length; i++) {
    let item = meals.find(item => item.id === id);
    fillMealList.innerHTML +=
      "<article>" +
      "<h3>" + item.title + "</h3>" +
      "<figure>" +
      "<img src='images/" + item.img + "'" + ">" +
      "<figcaption>" +
      "Meal by: " + "<span>" + item.cook + "</span>" +
      "</figcaption>" +
      "</figure>" +
      "<div class='info'>" +
      "<p>€ <span>" + item.price + "</span>" + "/pp" + "</p>" +
      "<a href='#' class='addToCart'>Order</a>" +
      "</div>" +

Now I need to click on "order" with class addToCart. So I did:

document.querySelector("#addToCart").addEventListener("click", addOrder);

Now I'm getting the error:

TypeError: document.querySelector(...) is null; can't access its "addEventListener" property

Can someone help me with this?

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    firstly it'd need to be .addToCart because "addtoCart" is a class, not an id. – ADyson Dec 3 '18 at 11:42

addToCart is a class so you need to do .addToCart instead of #addToCart. Change it to


Note that addEventListener will work in your case if there is only one element with that class. Otherwise, you need to use querySelectorAll() and attach addEventListener() function to each of those elements.

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