When I send request to google api (using either axios or just https), e.g. https://www.googleapis.com/blogger/v3/blogs/2399953?key=...

I always hit the "Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established" error.

But if I send request to https://api.github.com, it works just fine. I have googled the error, but I can't find much useful information. Here https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/21088 said if the server uses TLS 1.0, it may happen but apparently it is not my case.

I also try googleapis but still hit the same error.

Any idea how to fix the error ?

  • Proxy or firewall blocking the request? Do you get a similar error when opening https://www.googleapis.com in a browser? – robertklep Dec 3 '18 at 14:31
  • Oh right. I am using vpn but I can get the correct result if open that link in chrome – Qiulang Dec 3 '18 at 14:32

In case, someone else faces this same problem, a possible solution (if you are using windows OS), is to follow the process below:

  • Press the Windows Key
  • Search For Internet Options
  • Click on "Internet Options"
  • Click On "Connection"
  • Go to LAN Settings
  • Uncheck "Use Proxy Server for LAN ...."

It should work but the permanent solution is to make sure you turn all software that might be automatically setting up proxy for you.

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