Im having trouble with the following code:

My compnent:

class Landing extends Component {

  state = {
    loginMethod: '',
    tournamentCode: -1,

My Const:

const Code = () => (
  <div className="" style={{marginTop: 20}}>
      style={{lineHeight: 1, height: 30, border:0, paddingLeft: 5}}
      placeholder="Tournament Code"
      onChange={e => this.setState({tournamentCode: e.target.value})} />
    <Link to="/App">
      <button className="" style={{marginLeft: 10, border: 0, outline:        
          'none', background: '#efefef', height: 30, width: 80}}> Enter </button>

Both of there are in the same Landing.js file.

I know my problem is that i try to do this.setState outside the Landing class. Are there any solutions for this problem? Or is there a better way i should program this?

I've also read some things about redux and contexts in react. Which of these is my best way to go? Or are there more easy solutions?

  • Please get familiar with reactjs basics docs and how to use state with class components. Consider looking at: reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html – kind user Dec 3 '18 at 16:08
  • You can't use State inside a functional component like this one - you need to make it a class instead – Robin Zigmond Dec 3 '18 at 16:09

Short answer: No, you cannot setState outside a component.

Long answer: You cannot directly modify the component's state outside it, but you can always create a method that changes the state, then pass it down as props to <Code /> component. Example code (<Link /> component has been removed for simplicity)

import React, { Component } from "react";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom";

class Landing extends Component {
  state = {
    loginMethod: "",
    tournamentCode: -1

  onChange = e => {
      tournamentCode: e.target.value

  render() {
    //You can use <></> or <React.Fragment></React.Fragment>
    //I printed out the state to show you that it has been updated
    return (
        <Code onChange={this.onChange} />

const Code = ({ onChange }) => (
  <div style={{ marginTop: 20 }}>
      style={{ lineHeight: 1, height: 30, border: 0, paddingLeft: 5 }}
      placeholder="Tournament Code"
        marginLeft: 10,
        border: 0,
        outline: "none",
        background: "#efefef",
        height: 30,
        width: 80

const rootElement = document.getElementById("root");
ReactDOM.render(<Landing />, rootElement);

Important: No Redux or context is needed. Learn the basics and try thinking of the most simple solution to a problem, then extend it further. Not in this case, but that's a good learning approach you should apply

Codesandbox for future reference: https://codesandbox.io/s/n1zj5xm24

  • Clever solution. – beytarovski Jun 20 '20 at 18:47

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