I'm on Rails 5.1 and I've started getting this error message after installing Bootstrap gem:

JScript runtime does’t support ES6. Please update or replace your current ExecJS runtime.

Raising this error from this line:

"<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application', media: 'all', 'data-turbolinks-track': 'reload' %>"

How can I check the version of my JSCRIPT Runtime?


Add following gems to you Gemfile and do bundle install

gem 'therubyracer'
gem 'execjs'

Alternatively, You can install sudo apt-get install nodejs(on Ubuntu) to fix this for all the projects.


Here is a post with some info on finding out which version of JScript you're running

I'm not sure that is helpful though, it's not clear if JScript supports ES6 at all.

execjs supports multiple runtimes: https://github.com/sstephenson/execjs

You should be able to add gem 'mini_racer' to your Gemfile and run bundle install to fix the error message.

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