I used to determine if user had come by clicking the back button in the previous page using window.performance.navigation.type like

if (window.performance.navigation.type === 2) {

I saw that this property has been deprecated and succeeded by Navigation Timing Level 2. How can I mimic the behavior of performance.navigation api by this?

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I should preface this by saying that I am not JavaScript pro. This is my approach for utilizing Navigation Timing Level 2.

if (String(window.performance.getEntriesByType("navigation")[0].type) === "back_forward") {

window.performance.getEntriesByType("navigation") returns a list of PerformanceEntry objects every mark set. If you haven't set any marks, this list contains a single object that has the navigation information for the window.

  • Is there any constant to check if it is "back_forward"? Is it a good idea to check with a hardcoded string directly. I saw that there are constants in PerformanceNavigation like PerformanceNavigation.TYPE_BACK_FORWARD, but I couldn't find anything for strings or a map of integer codes vs strings. Dec 13, 2021 at 21:50

window.performance.navigation.type is deprecated.

Here is my solution for Typescript and Angular (place this in app.component.ts on your ngOnInit() hook

if((window.performance.getEntries()[0] as PerformanceNavigationTiming).type  === 'reload'){

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