I have a WordPress site and am using the Amazon Polly plugin. Upon publishing a post, it is saving the audio file directly on Amazon AWS S3 bucket. This is all working smoothly.

I've also locked down the web site with a server level user/password so that the site is only accessible to a chosen few that have rights to the material.

My question is: What permissions should the Amazon S3 bucket have? Does that remain public accessible? Or do I tighten that down? See below for what is recommended.

NOTE: One caveat is that I'd like the S3 File URL to also be accessible to my chosen few as a text download link.

EDIT PUBLIC ACCESS SETTINGS Public access settings for selected buckets Use the Amazon S3 block public access settings to enforce that buckets don't allow public access to data. You can also configure the Amazon S3 block public access settings at the account level.

Manage public Access control lists (ACLs) for selected buckets Block new public ACLs and uploading public objects (Recommended) Remove public access granted through public ACLs (Recommended) Manage public bucket policies for selected buckets Block new public bucket policies (Recommended) Block public and cross-account access if bucket has public policies (Recommended)

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