I've created an AWS mechanical turk HIT which uses an external question to load some external html within an iframe. On completion of the task, a form is submitted as per AWS ExternalQuestion documentation requirements which you can find here.

This form and interface works well both in AWS mechanical turk sandbox and production showing the following response upon submission of the aforementioned form:

enter image description here

When initially created I set the MaxAssignments to 5. After submission I made an API call to the AWS mechanical turk API to check the status of the task using boto3.client('mturk').get_hit() and received the following as part of the response:

{ ... 'NumberOfAssignmentsPending': 0, 'NumberOfAssignmentsAvailable': 4, 'NumberOfAssignmentsCompleted': 0 ... }

My issue exists in not understanding why the HIT assignments are not marked as 'completed' as mentioned in the AWS mech turk documentation.



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