Replacing MSOnline cmdlets with Microsoft.Graph V1.12.0.

Report mailboxUsageDetailsReport = null; IReportRootGetMailboxUsageDetailRequestBuilder mailboxUsageDetailsRequestBuilder = null; IReportRootGetMailboxUsageDetailRequest mailboxUsageDetailsRequest = null;

mailboxUsageDetailsRequestBuilder = graphServiceClient.Reports.GetMailboxUsageDetail(period); mailboxUsageDetailsRequest = mailboxUsageDetailsRequestBuilder.Request(); mailboxUsageDetailsReport = await mailboxUsageDetailsRequest.GetAsync();

The last line throws:

  Message=Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: R. Path '', line 0, position 0.

Fiddler shows 302 response with correct file "Location" but body of response contains just a 0,

Work around is

HttpRequestMessage hrm = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, mailboxUsageDetailsRequest.RequestUrl); await graphClient.AuthenticationProvider.AuthenticateRequestAsync(hrm); HttpResponseMessage response = await graphClient.HttpProvider.SendAsync(hrm);


The Microsoft Graph .Net client v1.12.0 does not currently support the Reports API in a first class manner. You are sharing the suggested workaround, we thank you for sharing that. The response is a csv file, that's why you see the JsonReaderException.

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