I am trying to create a Json Extractor and it`s being a thought activity. I have this json structure:

     "nomeTipoRelatorio":"etc etc etc",
     "descricaoTipoRelatorio":"etc etc etc",
     "holdersName":"etc etc etc",
        "nmSistema":"SISTEMA X",

What I need to do: First of all, I am using the option "Compute concatenation var" and "Match No." as -1. Because the service can bring in the response many of those.

I have to verify, if "reportStatusIndicador" = 'Z' or 'Y', if positive, I have to collect File.Id OR file.FileStatusLog.idArquivo, they are the same, I was trying the first option, in this case the number "2913847", but if come more results, I will collect all File.id`s

With this values in hands, I will continue with a for each for all File.id`s.

My last try, was this combination, after reading a lot and tried many others combinations.

[?(@...file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Z' || @...file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Y')].file.id

But my debug post processor always appears like this, empty: filesIds=


Go for $..[?(@.file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Z' || @.file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Y')].file.id


enter image description here


  • I tried, it worked also, thanks ! marking as correct for your support. – Leonardo Leonardo Dec 5 '18 at 13:46

I could do it with this pattern:

[?(@.file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Z' || 
@.file.fileStatusLog.reportStatusIndicador == 'Y')].file.id


  • if anyone has a simple way or a different way, I wait here to post as a correct answer. – Leonardo Leonardo Dec 5 '18 at 13:43

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