How I can get the list of all installed on my Android 8 packages using ADB Shell? I preference to query Sqlite base, but accept any command-line solution.

adb shell cmd package list packages

This will return a list of the package names of the apps installed on the device. Each line is prefixed by package:.

There are even some options you can use:

list packages [-f] [-d] [-e] [-s] [-3] [-i] [-l] [-u] [-U] [--uid UID] [--user USER_ID] [FILTER]

Prints all packages; optionally only those whose name contains
the text in FILTER.
  -f: see their associated file
  -d: filter to only show disabled packages
  -e: filter to only show enabled packages
  -s: filter to only show system packages
  -3: filter to only show third party packages
  -i: see the installer for the packages
  -l: ignored (used for compatibility with older releases)
  -U: also show the package UID
  -u: also include uninstalled packages
  --uid UID: filter to only show packages with the given UID
  --user USER_ID: only list packages belonging to the given user

An alternative for older Android versions is

adb shell pm list packages

but this is deprecated and will likely be removed in the future.

  • cmd is not available on old Android versions. There, pm was the official way to list packages. – tanius Jun 28 '20 at 12:46
  • @tanius I already mention that. – TheWanderer Jun 28 '20 at 13:34

Get all installed packages using:

adb shell pm list packages

To see user installed packages:

adb shell pm list packages -3"|cut -f 2 -d ":
  • The second command also removes package: from each listed package. – Slav Nov 20 '19 at 11:04

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