While launching ipconfig /all, I can see the description and the physical address (MAC address) of the computers on my computer:

Description : Intel ...
Physical address : 48-4D-...
Description : Teamviewer VPN adapter
Physical address : 00-FF-...

From the description, I can see which MAC address belongs to my PC and which one belongs to the VPN adapter.

Can I also find this out without reading the description? Is there a way to distinguish VPN related MAC address from "real" ones? (A Windows API answer is preferred, if possible)

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  • A VPN and Virtual machine are 2 different things. VPN = Virtual Private Network, VM (Virtual Machine) is software that emulates a pc in a virtual environment. – LPChip Dec 5 at 12:29
  • @LPChip: thanks, I've edited the question accordingly. – Dominique Dec 5 at 12:32
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There are databases for the MAC addresses, for example from Wireshark.

Since my powershell is utterly bad, I just wrote a small program to iterate over this list and check for a match in the file by Wireshark.

You may check it out and modify as you want: https://github.com/maio290/MacChecker

If no vendor is found for the device, I guess you can assume that this device is a virutal one.

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