I'm trying to send a message to a IBM MQ queue from my spring boot service. Configuration is as follows:



ConectionFactory Bean

        public MQQueueConnectionFactory mqQueueConnectionFactory() {
            MQQueueConnectionFactory mqQueueConnectionFactory = new MQQueueConnectionFactory();
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {
            return mqQueueConnectionFactory;

IBM MQ Explorer pictures

queue queue

channel channel

listener listener

When i try to send a message i get the error:


What i'm missing? The error sugest than my chammel type is not adecuate to my request, but i don't know waht does it means.

Thanks in advance.


Client programs connect to SVRCONN channels, not RECEIVERs.


It appears (as Mark mentioned) you are using the wrong channel type. I quick google tells me that Spanish Receptor translates in English to Receiver. A Receiver type channel is a Message channel and is used for queue manager to queue manager communication.

For MQ Client (ex: spring boot) to queue manager communication you need to connect to a MQI channel, on the queue manager this will have the type server connection.

The IBM MQ v8 Knowledge Center page "IBM MQ Explorer>Configuring IBM MQ using MQ Explorer>Creating and configuring queue managers and objects>Objects in MQ Explorer>Channels" documents this:

Message channel
A message channel is a unidirectional communications link between two queue managers. IBM MQ uses message channels to transfer messages between the queue managers. To send messages in both directions, you must define a channel for each direction.

MQI channel
An MQI channel is bidirectional and connects an application (MQI client) to a queue manager on a server machine. IBM MQ uses MQI channels to transfer MQI calls and responses between MQI clients and queue managers.

IBM documents each type further down the page:

Message channels

Message channel definitions can be one of the following types:

A receiver channel is a message channel that the queue manager uses to receive messages from other queue managers. To receive messages using a receiver channel, you must also create, on the other queue manager, a sender or a server channel with the same name as this receiver channel.

MQI channels

MQI channels can be one of the following types:

Server connection
A server connection channel is a bidirectional MQI channel that is used to connect an IBM MQ client to an IBM MQ server. The server connection channel is the server end of the channel.

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