I am looking to play a .wav file using pygame but I can't seem to get it to work. Here is the error I get:

pygame.error: Unable to open file 'Audio Assets\never.wav'

This is the code I use to play the file:

import pygame


pygame.mixer.Channel(0).play(pygame.mixer.Sound('Audio Assets\never.wav'), maxtime=1000)

Here is the WAV file itself (Yes it is Logan Paul at the suicide forest because my tiny monkey brain can't come up with a different example):


I have alread tried converting it to a .ogg file but that won't work either.

  • \n within the file string is an escape, try adding another backslash before the first one – The4thIceman Dec 5 at 20:42
  • Is it the same with \r ? I have another WAV that starts with an r and wont work either. – Mihkel Dec 6 at 6:30
  • yes. here are the escape characters. docs.python.org/2.0/ref/strings.html. You can also get into the habit of using double backslashes in general so you don't have to memorize the escapes – The4thIceman Dec 6 at 11:11
  • Thank you, I mostly use double backslashes in python but the example I saw for pygame.mixer used only one so I just kind of stuck with that. – Mihkel Dec 6 at 11:18

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