I'm trying to introduce static type annotations to my codebase where applicable. One case is when reading a JSON, the resulting object will be a dictionary keyed by strings, with values of one of the following types:

  • bool
  • str
  • float
  • int
  • list
  • dict

However the list and dict above can contain that same sort of dictionary, leading to a recursive definition. Is this representable in Python3's type structure?

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    Does JSONVal = Union[blah, blah, blah, List['JSONVal'], Dict[str, 'JSONVal']] and annotating JSON values as JSONVal work? – user2357112 Dec 5 at 19:01
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    I see a mypy issue about recursive types that seems to suggest it's not possible, although I haven't read the whole thing yet. – user2357112 Dec 5 at 19:03
  • @user2357112 that issue link is very helpful. One comment near the bottom seems to get to the end of the problem: after several workarounds for JSON specifically, they note that "Dict[str, Any] is sadly the name of the game most of the time." – Adam Smith Dec 5 at 19:07
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    One alternative to explore is TypedDict. They're useful if you know exactly what the JSON you're receiving looks like: for example, when calling some API that always returns JSON structured in a set way. Also, if you want to validate your JSON at runtime, I recommend using Dict[str, object] over Dict[str, Any]: it'll help you confirm you're adding isinstance checks and stuff in the right places. If you don't care about runtime validation, either casting to a TypedDict or using Dict[str, Any] is probably the right choice. – Michael0x2a Dec 6 at 0:52
  • @Michael0x2a that's a good reference, but no -- I don't know anything about the JSON I'm receiving during runtime, so I can't validate it in any meaningful way. – Adam Smith Dec 6 at 1:02
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As of mypy 0.641, mypy doesn't support the sort of recursive type annotation you're looking for. The natural syntax:

from typing import Union, Dict, List

JSONVal = Union[None, bool, str, float, int, List['JSONVal'], Dict[str, 'JSONVal']]

d: JSONVal = {'a': ['b']}

produces an error reporting a lack of recursive type support:

$ mypy asdf.py
asdf.py:3: error: Recursive types not fully supported yet, nested types replaced with "Any"

Also see the mypy issue tracker thread on recursive type support.

For now, Dict[str, Any] is probably the way to go.

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