we are looking at the network-config section of balance-transfer app and see this section in it which is suggested only for dev mode

# [Optional]. If the application is going to make requests that are reserved to organization
    # administrators, including creating/updating channels, installing/instantiating chaincodes, it
    # must have access to the admin identity represented by the private key and signing certificate.
    # Both properties can be the PEM string or local path to the PEM file. Note that this is mainly for
    # convenience in development mode, production systems should not expose sensitive information
    # this way. The SDK should allow applications to set the org admin identity via APIs, and only use
    # this route as an alternative when it exists.
      path: artifacts/channel/crypto-config/peerOrganizations/org1.example.com/users/Admin@org1.example.com/msp/keystore/5890f0061619c06fb29dea8cb304edecc020fe63f41a6db109f1e227cc1cb2a8_sk
      path: artifacts/channel/crypto-config/peerOrganizations/org1.example.com/users/Admin@org1.example.com/msp/signcerts/Admin@org1.example.com-cert.pem

How can we modify the app to get rid of this section while still being able to create channels etc.? If we just delete this section there is an error when below code is executed

//Acting as a client in the given organization provided with "orgName" param
        // sign the channel config bytes as "endorsement", this is required by
        // the orderer's channel creation policy
        // this will use the admin identity assigned to the client when the connection profile was loaded
        let signature = client.signChannelConfig(channelConfig);

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