Does anyone have experience with TRESTRequest components? I am trying to POST a JSON string in the request body.

If I do not use TOAuth2Authenticator, it return back a MISSING_CREDENTIALS error. When I try to use TOAuth2Authenticator linked to the TRESTClient, with an access_token, it gives me this error:


I did the same request with POSTMAN, it work fine. And also, it works fine with TIdHTTP as well. But not with TRESTRequest.

Please let me know if you have experience before I report it as a bug.

  • By the way, I did use Bearer Token when TOAuth2Authenticator was not around. – mesutuk Dec 5 at 22:34
  • Please show your actual code, sounds like maybe you are not populating the TRESTRequest correctly. – Remy Lebeau Dec 6 at 0:00
  • I found it... pls see the pictures below – mesutuk Dec 6 at 0:40

After some playing around, the answer should be as follows.

String StrBody="{\"Key\": \"A123\",\"Total\": 100.00,\"Deductions\": 100.00}";

SubmitAuthenticator->AccessToken = StrAccessToken;

SubmitRESTClient->BaseURL = "";

SubmitRESTRequest->Method = Rest::Types::rmPOST;
SubmitRESTRequest->Params->Items[0]->Value = StrBody;


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