I am looking for the best and simplest way to deal with this problem.

  • We have a web app that follows the multi-tenant app approaches and works with many databases on the same server instance.

  • It has a database (called AssistantDb) that contains tables that are replicated in all other databases with the same names and structures (very small differences), these tables are required to be synced in real time to AssistantDb for each edit, create, or delete performed.

  • all databases are created programmatically via the app layer, except for some permanent databases e.g. AssistantDb, the most common are dynamic which means created, modified, and deleted continuously.

  • replicated tables must accept foreign key relations

  • SQL Server version >= 2016 sp1 AND Express

According to this description, we need the best approach, at first step, to copy all shared tables contents into each newly created database, then syncing shared tables between the AssistantDb and new database in one way (tables in the new database are read-only).

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