In a picture, I want to draw a selection area with a circular shape. I used to draw rectangular shape but never dealt with any other. Is it possible to be done ? I am coding in Delphi

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    Welcome, Have you tried anything so far? Please provide information such as what have you tried so far and post your code for users to help you the right way – aliusman Dec 6 at 1:08

DrawFocusRect() supports rectangles only. For other shapes, you will have to manually draw them yourself as desired, such as with Ellipse() with an appropriate Brush and Pen.

To have similar appearance and behavior with DrawFocusRect(), use an alternating and XOR pen. E.g.:

  Brush: TLogBrush;
  Brush.lbStyle := BS_SOLID;
  Brush.lbColor := clBlack;
  Canvas.Pen.Handle := ExtCreatePen(PS_COSMETIC or PS_ALTERNATE, 1, Brush, 0, nil);
  Canvas.Pen.Style := psAlternate;
  Canvas.Pen.Mode := pmNotXor;
  Canvas.Brush.Style := bsClear;

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