Is it possible to send an individual push notification to a specific user of webview Android application?

I have a webview based Android application. Android 8 blocks all background processes and my application can not anymore check for messages every 5 minutes and to show push notifications is there are new messages. As I understand almost the only solution is to use firebase to show notifications.

My question is: can I send individual Firebase notifications to webview application users? If yes, how? People who login to my website from Android phones, enter their data in a login form that loads my website. It's not a Android login form. How can I at the same time login to Firebase and how Firebase will know that this user is already logged in if it's only a webwiew application?


A webview is not capable of directly receiving Cloud Message payloads. The only browsers that works with Cloud Messaging are those that support the Push API.

What you can do instead is receive the payload in the native layer of your Android app (using a normal Android integration with a service that receives the payload), then proxy it to your webview as needed, using webview's ability to inject javascript into it (while it's visible). This definitely is not a trivial amount of work.

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