I'm doing a PWA with VUE and VUEX. Everything is fine until I try the Offline application since I in action VUEX can not resolve requests from cache.

If I do not use VUEX the requests from the component are well made to the cache but with VUEX I get the error:

GET https://api.mercadolibre.com/items/MLM580205144 net::ERR_FAILED

This is the code of the request in VUEX:


    for ( var x = 0; x <= json.results.length; x ++ ){

        if(json.results[x] !== undefined){

            var dataOfProduct = {


            const dataItem = await fetch('https://api.mercadolibre.com/items/' + json.results[x].id );
            const jsonItem = await dataItem.json();

            const dataDesc = await fetch('https://api.mercadolibre.com/items/' + json.results[x].id + '/description');
            const jsonDesc = await dataDesc.json();

                dataOfProduct.id = json.results[x].id;
                dataOfProduct.product = jsonItem;

            if( jsonDesc.status === 404){
                jsonDesc.plain_text = 'Producto: No definido. Modelo: No definido'

                let text = jsonDesc.plain_text;

                dataOfProduct.description.desc = text; 

                const product = 'Producto:';
                let resultProduct = text.match(new RegExp(product + '\\s(\\w+)', 'i'));
                if (resultProduct != null) {
                    resultProduct = resultProduct[1];

                const model = 'Modelo:';
                let resultModel = text.match(new RegExp(model + '\\s(\\w+)', 'i'));
                if (resultModel != null) {
                    resultModel = resultModel[1];

                dataOfProduct.description.title = resultProduct;
                dataOfProduct.description.model = resultModel;


        allProducts.push( dataOfProduct );


error fetch with vuex

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