I am new to python. I have a BDP formula like this =BDP(bond, 'RTG_SP', "SETTLE_DT=20180426") and trying to convert it to tia.

When I use LocalTerminal.get_historical(bond, 'RTG_SP', start='20180426', end='20180426'), I got nothing received. Maybe I should use LocalTerminal.get_reference(), but I didn't see the param SETTLE_DT. Is there a way to get the value from tia?


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    If this is some sort of proprietary API issue, you should check the API SDK documentation, post it here if you need others to help spot your syntax error. – mootmoot Dec 6 at 8:35

RTG_SP does not provide historical data directly. You need to use overrides:

In[1]: from xbbg import blp

In[2]: blp.bdp('XS1627599654 Corp', 'RTG_SP')
              ticker   field value
0  XS1627599654 Corp  RTG_SP     B

In[3]: blp.bdp('XS1627599654 Corp', 'RTG_SP', Rating_As_Of_Date_override='20180201')
              ticker   field value
0  USG4863AAC20 Corp  RTG_SP   BB+

Using xbbg for demo

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