I'm trying to plot a "3D matrix", that is, making the third line "times" (this is to show the average of errors multyplying). However, my array is not found by my for-loop. According to searches, I should declare the array first, but it doesn't help. Here's the first part of the process:

threed <- array(0,c(obsIndex,obsIndex,times))
for (j in 1:obsIndex) {
  for (k in 1:obsIndex) {
    if (j != k) {
      threed[j,k,1] <<- j * k

And the computer goes "object threed not found". How can it find it?

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    Change <<- to <-. Using <<- causes R to look in the parent environment, where there is no threed. – bobbel Dec 6 '18 at 8:34
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    Replace your <<- with a single <-. The difference between these two are that the first will search outside e.g. a function's namespace for the variable. The latter will stay within the namespace. Always use <- (unless you know why you want the other variant). – MrGumble Dec 6 '18 at 8:35

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