I want to find if given String "99999999999999999999999999" or any massive number which would not fit in any datatype.I would like to find if that number is bigger than Integer.MAX_VALUE


Use BigInteger

BigInteger maxInt = BigInteger.valueOf(Integer.MAX_VALUE);
BigInteger value = new BigInteger("whatever");

if (value.compareTo(maxInt) > 0)
    // larger

You could construct a BigInteger object from the string and then compare that BigInteger to Integer.MAX_VALUE.


You can call parseInt and catch NumberFormatException, which will be thrown if the number is too large (though it will also be thrown if the String has non-numeric characters).

If you want to avoid the exception, you can run the following checks:

  • If the String has more than 10 characters (or 11 if the first character is '-' or '+'), it must be larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE or smaller than Integer.MIN_VALUE.
  • Otherwise, call Long.parseLong() and compare the result to Integer.MAX_VALUE.

You can parse it as an int and catch an exception or BigInteger, or you can do a String comparison.

static final String MAX_INT_STR = Integer.toString(Integer.MAX_VALUE);

public static boolean checkInt(String s) {
    return s.length() > MAX_INT_STR.length() || s.compareTo(MAX_INT_STR) > 0;

This could be used to avoid throwing some Exceptions before trying to parse it.

NOTE: This doesn't check that it only contains digits, but if it's a positive number it will check it is in bounds without parsing the string.


Try the following code to check if it's too big to fit inside an integer:

String num = "99999999999999999999999999";

try {
} catch(NumberFormatException ex) {
    System.out.println("String did not fit in integer datatype");

This code will attempt to parse num into an integer, we can catch whenever that goes wrong and execute code when that happens (in this case a simple println).

From parseInt():

Throws: NumberFormatException - if the string does not contain a parsable integer.

  • If possible, it's better to avoid using exceptions for regular application control flow. – Michael Dec 6 '18 at 8:50

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