I've recently made changes to a clients website but the browser is showing a cached version. It's a static website with .html files. If I delete the cache on my browser it works but what i really want is to force every visitors browser to show the latest version without them having to manually delete their cache.

I understand that you can set a version on .css & .js file to show the latest version but how do you do this with static .html files?

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If this is about .css and .js changes, one way is to to "cache busting" is by appending something like "_versionNo" to the file name for each release. For example:

script_1.0.css // This is the URL for release 1.0
script_1.1.css // This is the URL for release 1.1
script_1.2.css // etc.

Or alternatively do it after the file name:

script.css?v=1.0 // This is the URL for release 1.0
script.css?v=1.1 // This is the URL for release 1.1
script.css?v=1.2 // etc.

And you can have a look at here too META TAGS

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  • Hi, It's not about css or js changes. It's to do with the content on the .html pages – Shaun Dec 6 at 9:56
  • @Shaun Check the link that might help you out – Baransel A. Dec 6 at 9:57

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