(case 'x
   [(x) "ex"]
   [('x) "quoted ex"])

I thought the output would be "quoted ex", but it is "ex" actually. Why 'x match x but not 'x?


In the first case, (x) is already quoted, from the documentation (emphasis mine):

The selected clause is the first one with a datum whose quoted form is equal? to the result of val-expr.

Therefore, ('x) is doubly-quoted. If you wanted to match the second case, something like this would be necessary:

(case ''x
  [(x) "ex"]
  [('x) "quoted ex"])

=> "quoted ex"

To put it another way, the first condition in your code is testing if (equal? 'x 'x) and the second one tests (equal? 'x ''x), clearly only the first one matches.

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