I need to know if I can make this code better and faster.

Example Input:

"hi my name is john cena"

Expected Output:

["hi", "my name is john cena"]

My code:

function getParams(query) {
    var keys = query.split(' ');
    var params = [];
    if(keys.length >= 2) {
        for(var i = 1; i<=keys.length - 1; i++) {
            if(i != keys.length - 1) {     
                params[1] += keys[i] + " ";  
            }  else { 
                params[1] += keys[i];
    return params;
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    How about let [first, ...others] = query.split(' ')? – georg Dec 6 at 12:40
  • so you need to split , after hi is that what you required. So the hi can come any where of the string , but you need to split it and get the hi as separate element in array ? – DILEEP THOMAS Dec 6 at 12:40
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You can use the magic of rest/spread syntax, to construct your desired result array:

function getParams(query) {
  let [first, ...rest] = query.split(" ");
  return [first, rest.join(" ")];


  • In the following code first will hold the first element from the resulting array of query.split(" ") and rest will hold the remaining words/elements of it.
  • Then we return an array which contains first and the rest array joined as a string using rest.join(" ") to get the desired original remaining part of the query string.


let str = "hi my name is john cena";

function getParams(query) {
  let [first, ...rest] = query.split(" ");
  return [first, rest.join(" ")];


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    i love this way! – Alessandro Bertozzi Dec 6 at 19:51
  • @AlessandroBertozzi glad you like it ;) – chŝdk Dec 6 at 21:23
  • split and then join is not the fastest way, but is more readable – fanjabi Dec 7 at 10:12
  • @fanjabi May be it's not faster when we are dealing with a huge amount of words, but this is not the case ;) – chŝdk Dec 7 at 10:20

The Array.slice method is very helpful here.

function getParams(x) {
    const index = x.indexOf(' ')
    return [x.slice(0, index), x.slice(index + 1)]

var text = "hi my name is john cena";

function getParams(query) {
  var idx = query.indexOf(' ');
  return [ query.substr(0, idx), query.substr(idx + 1) ];


Hope this helps you

You can simply split the string in two parts based on the first occurrence of white space:

let str = "hi my name is john cena";
let result = str.split(/\s(.+)/);

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