Recently I started to divide our application into smaller Android modules, but I'm having a hard time to make Dagger work the way I want it to.

My current dagger setup consist of:
- ApplicationComponent marked with @Singleton. This component is created on app start.
- UserSubComponent marked with @UserScope. This subcomponent is created when the user login.

Both these components is placed in my app module together with my App class who's responsible for creating both components.

In my login module (Which is a parent to my app module, so it can't access anything in the app module) I have my AuthenticationManager. When the user login I use RxJava to signal from my AuthenticationManager to App, so the UserSubComponent can be created.

My problem is that I need to access some dependencies from my UserSubComponent, after it have been created, in my AuthenticationManager so I can preload the user's data before moving on.

Module structure:

              app (AppComponent & UserSubComponent)
  login (AuthenticationManager) - feature 2 - feature 3

My App class:

class App : DaggerApplication() {

    lateinit var authenticationManager: AuthenticationManager

    override fun onCreate() {

            .subscribe { state ->
                if (state == AuthenticationState.AUTHENTICATED) {


class AuthenticationManager @Inject constructor(loginApi: LoginApi) {

    lateinit var preLoader : PreLoader // This won't work because of different scope

    val authenticationStateStream = Observable<AuthenticationState>()

    fun login() {
        if (success) {
            // UserSubComponent is now created

App component

@Component(modules = [AppModule::class, AndroidSupportInjectionModule::class])
interface AppComponent : AndroidInjector<App> {

    fun userComponentBuilder(): UserComponent.Builder


class AppModule {
    fun provideLoginApi() = LoginApi()


@Subcomponent(modules = [UserModule::class, AndroidSupportInjectionModule::class])
interface UserComponent : AndroidInjector<App> {

    interface Builder {
        fun build(): UserComponent



class UserModule {
    fun providesPreLoader() = PreLoader()

Can I somehow get this structure to work? Or what are my options when it comes to modules + dagger?

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