What I'm trying to create in Power BI is a bit complicated and I can't really think of an optimal solution. I hope you can give my some recommendations on where to go with it. Below is the description.

I have 2 tables which has a one-to-many relationship and link by "Material Number" column and "Part Number" column.

Here is my sample data in the "full updated ALL PARTS" table. (These transactions are of 12-month period).

enter image description here

Here is my "Observed Products" table. All products in the "Part Number" table might or might not appear in the "full updated ALL PARTS" table as we don't always have business with them within a 12-month-period.

enter image description here

I know that the monthly average for all part numbers in the "Observed Products" table is roughly 2 pieces and if order quantity of any of those parts spikes to 4 pieces/month, it's still acceptable and that means the percentage change is 100%.

My target is create a visual (or visuals) that can signal alerts whenever:

  • Monthly Net Order Quantity of any Part Number in the "Observed Products" table surpasses 4 pieces/month OR increases more than 100% when taking into consideration a base number/target volume of 2 pieces/month

  • Monthly Average Final Run Time of any Part Number in the "Observed Products" table goes over 28 days OR increases more than 30% when taking into consideration a target TAT of 28 days

Is there a visual in Power BI that is capable of doing so? If yes, please let me know how you'd do it as I haven't had a single idea how this can work out. Please also let me know if any information is not clear. Thank you so much!

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