When task instances marked with State.REMOVED state in Airflow? When I am dynamically generating tasks using for loop, after execution of one of the tasks other tasks are getting removed and not restored back again.

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The REMOVED state is applied by the airflow.models.DagRun:verify_integrity method when it finds a task_id in the database that no longer exists on the associated DAG object. This can certainly happen if you're dynamically building tasks with different task_id values.

  • Yes, I am creating tasks with different task_id as it's more readable when I see the pipeline running, as all tasks are performing same task with different params. Is there any solution for this problem? – Swapnil Dengale Dec 7 at 20:13
  • One more thing is when I ran my code keeping the same task_id value, I am getting error saying this task is already been registered to parent task. – Swapnil Dengale Dec 8 at 8:08
  • They must all have unique identifiers. – joeb Dec 8 at 12:54
  • Hi Joeb, thanks for your help here. The actual issue was with my code and airflow configs. I was updating the metadata about the status of my tasks in the database which is responsible to create the tasks. And as the dag name is not changed it was updating the tasks ; and also as min_file_process_interval was 60 seconds(which is very less as my tasks taking more than 20-30 mins to complete) and hence in between DAG definition was getting refreshed. – Swapnil Dengale Dec 8 at 20:10

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