I'm writing an API in ASPNET Core and using Swashbuckle to auto-generate a Swagger doc from code.

I'd really like to offer different views of the model, because some model properties are 'write-once' values that should be submitted on a POST when creating the resource, but should not be sent on a PATCH, as the value cannot be modified.

At the moment I have attributes on the model properties, which allow me to tag a property as Readable, Writable or Editable, and when Editable=false the value should not appear in a PATCH request, but is valid in a GET or POST)

I've coded a custom ISchemaFilter so that I can set ReadOnly=true on the schema where my attribute is Writable=false, but Editable is a quirky one where I'd like it to appear on POST but not on PATCH, and I don't think I can do that in the ISchema filter...

Is this possible without creating separate models for POST and PATCH?

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