Iam getting the following error when I signout and signin into my application.

code: "messaging/use-public-key-before-get-token",
message: "Messaging: Error (messaging/use-public-key-before-get-token)."

Each time I signin to my application Iam calling messaging.requestPermission() and then messaging.getToken() . For the first time the application is loding fine , but if I logout and login again , (triggering the permission and getToken again) , returning the above error.

Iam using the following code :

   requestPermission() {
    const messaging = firebase.messaging();

        messaging.requestPermission().then(() => {
            console.log('Notification permission granted.');

            // Get Instance ID token. Initially this makes a network call, once retrieved
            // subsequent calls to getToken will return from cache.
            messaging.getToken().then((currentToken) => {
                if (currentToken) {
                    console.log(currentToken, 'currentToken');
                } else {
                    console.log('No Instance ID token available. Request permission to generate one.');
            }).catch((err) => {
                console.log('An error occurred while retrieving token. ', err);

        }).catch((err) => {
            console.log('Unable to get permission to notify.', err);


Any suggestions will be helpful, Thanks

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