I have a data frame with 19 numerical variables and 1 binary string-variable good_bad (using as.numeric results in NA for the good_bad variable). I have imported this using the read_excel command from the readxl package.

I try to fit a tree with deviance as measure and then just test to predict the training data by the following code:

dev_tree  = tree(good_bad~., data=train, split="deviance")
dev_train = predict(dev_tree, newdata=train, type="class")

This results in a warning message where it's not a classification tree:

Error in predict.tree(dev_tree, newdata = train, type = "class") : 
type "class" only for classification trees
In addition: Warning message:
In tree(f, train, split = "deviance") : NAs introduced by coercion

It should be a classification tree since I use good_bad in the left side of the formula, but predict produces an error. Furthermore, the good_bad values that consist of strings "good" or "bad" seem to be converted into NA... probably due to R trying to grow a regression tree?

summary(dev_tree) produces the following error

Error in y - frame$yval[object$where] : 
non-numeric argument to binary operator

What is wrong here?

  • It won't be easy for us to comment much without more information. Please provide a sample of train by typing dput(head(train,25)) and pasting the result into your question. – G5W Dec 6 at 15:32

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