Last week I asked this question: KSQL: append multiple child records to parent record

However, in my explanation of the problem, I did simplify things, and I'm finding that I'm somewhat worried about the complexity of the setup in the real world. To quickly reiterate, the type of data I'm working with is payments and parties involved in the payments:

| id    | currency | amount | payment_date |
| pmt01 | USD      | 20000  | 2018-11-20   |

| id    | payment_id | party_type   | party_ident | party_account |
| prt01 | pmt01      | sender       | XXYYZZ23    | (null)        |
| prt02 | pmt01      | intermediary | AADDEE98    | 123456789     |
| prt03 | pmt01      | receiver     | FFGGHH56    | 987654321     |

Each of these tables arrives on its own topic, and so far the approach I've taken is to branch the payment_parties stream based on the party_type, and join each of these successively to the payments stream.

The reason I get a little worried about complexity, is because the example data above isn't complete. In reality, each payment could have up to 10 different parties related to it. This means that the payment_parties stream is branched off 10 times, and then joined successively 10 times as well.

Just to achieve the split of the payment_parties and the join of each of them to the payments stream, I end up with a total of at least 20 streams (one for each branch, and one for each join), not counting the source streams of the topics and rekeyed streams.

Now, based on this, I have a few questions:

  1. Should I be worried about the performance of a setup like this? Intuitively, this feels like a rather complex setup for a relatively straightforward problem.

  2. I'm aware that (currently) in KSQL it is not possible to create a STRUCT out of selected data. Is there any sensible way to emulate a struct? Or can I expect to see this functionality in a future release of KSQL?

  3. Alternatively, would it be possible to create Structs using Kafka Streams? This wouldn't reduce the number of streams, but would make the ultimate output a bit more sensible in my view.

Of course, I'd be happy to supply any possibly missing information or answer other questions.

  • The KSQL feature request for supporting the construction of new STRUCTs (i.e., writing nested data) is tracked at github.com/confluentinc/ksql/issues/2147. Feel free to upvote (+1) the request to help prioritize the work on this feature. – Michael G. Noll Dec 10 '18 at 8:34

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