I'm new to MassTransit and I'm trying to create the following topology:

  • Each publisher creates its own exchange
  • Client exchanges are bounded to the MessageType main exchange (each client can have it's own routing key)
  • Subscriber that consumes messages from the main message exchange will get messages from the relevant client exchanges depending on the routing pattern.

With RabbitMQ.Client I can create this topology with no problem but I couldn't find a simple way to declare exchanges on the publisher side or to bind one exchange to another.

var factory = new ConnectionFactory()
    HostName = "localhost",
    UserName = "guest",
    Password = "guest"

using (var connection = factory.CreateConnection())
    using (var channel = connection.CreateModel())
        var queue = "my_queue";
        var firstExchange = "my_ex";
        var secondExchange = "my_second_ex";
        var routingKey = "log.info";

        channel.ExchangeDeclare(exchange: firstExchange, type: ExchangeType.Direct);
        channel.ExchangeDeclare(exchange: secondExchange, type: ExchangeType.Direct);

        channel.ExchangeBind(destination: secondExchange, source: firstExchange, routingKey: routingKey);

       channel.QueueDeclare(queue: queue);

        channel.QueueBind(queue: queue, exchange: secondExchange, routingKey: routingKey);

        channel.BasicPublish(exchange: firstExchange, routingKey: routingKey, basicProperties: null,
            body: Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Hello World!"));

        Console.WriteLine(" [x] Sent '{0}':'{1}'", routingKey, "Hello World!");

        var consumer = new EventingBasicConsumer(channel);
        consumer.Received += (model, ea) =>
            var body = ea.Body;
            var message = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(body);
            Console.WriteLine(" [x] Received '{0}':'{1}'",
                ea.RoutingKey, message);

        channel.BasicConsume(queue: queue, autoAck: true, consumer: consumer);

  • What you want to achieve exactly? – Emre Savcı Dec 7 at 5:27
  • @EmreSavcı I want to create a different exchange for every publisher but route the messages to one common exchange so the subscriber could get messages from the common exchange without knowing how many publishers there are. I need to separate publisher exchanges for access control and performance – Linoy Belchich Dec 7 at 17:16
  • So as I understand, you want to publish messages to one exchange and consume different messages from that exchange with different consumers, do I understand it correctly? It still is not clear to me.. – Emre Savcı Dec 7 at 19:44
  • I want to separate exchanges on the publishers side. Read the code with RabbitMQ.Client I provided. I need to do the exact same thing with MassTransit API. @EmreSavcı – Linoy Belchich Dec 8 at 12:29

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