In my integration application, i define a simple gateway as following:

@Profile(value = { "export" })
public interface ExportingOutboundGateway {

     @Gateway(requestChannel = "exportChannel")
     void send(RequestInfo request);

If i execute this Spring boot application with spring.profiles.active=export declared in application.properties, the gateway bean couldn't be created

Is there any mistake over the definition of the gateway bean ? How to fix it ?


This is a bug in the IntegrationComponentScanRegistrar. When we scan for @MessagingGateway interfaces we don't honor an Environment from the application context and an internal ClassPathScanningCandidateComponentProvider just uses a default one where we don't have that active profile.

As a workaround I suggest to have it like this:

public AnnotationGatewayProxyFactoryBean exportingOutboundGateway() {
    return new AnnotationGatewayProxyFactoryBean(ExportingOutboundGateway.class);


public interface ExportingOutboundGateway {

    @Gateway(requestChannel = "exportChannel")
    void send(String request);


A JIRA on the matter: https://jira.spring.io/browse/INT-4565

  • Thank Artem Bilan, by the way, it still works with system properties source, isn't it ? – Minh Trần Dec 6 '18 at 17:16
  • If you mean for profiles, then yes, it doesn't matter what is the source for your profile activation. – Artem Bilan Dec 6 '18 at 17:18
  • Yes, i mean profiles. Thanks ! I 'm going to try the workaround – Minh Trần Dec 6 '18 at 17:23

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