When using a MailTarget with a custom LayoutRenderer, I can see that LogEventInfo.StackTrace contains data which can then be included in the rendered response. However, replacing the MailTarget with WebServiceTarget and using the same custom LayoutRenderer LogEventInfo.StackTrace now returns null

Both targets are "stock" NLog implementations, are being invoked from the same code using the same LayoutRenderer

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Is there some limitation of WebServiceTarget that prevents stack traces being captured?

Solution, based on Rolf's suggestion below:

public sealed class MyLayoutRenderer : LayoutRenderer, IUsesStackTrace
    public StackTraceUsage StackTraceUsage => StackTraceUsage.Max; 

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NLog only captures and provides StackTrace for a target, if you are using a layoutrenderer like Ex. ${callsite}.

If you have a custom layout-renderer, then you can inherit from NLog.Internal.IUsesStackTrace (And return StackTraceUsage.Max)

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