I want to import an oracle dump The .dmp file is of size :335 GB

I want to know three things:

  • How can I know the size of the database before importing it?
  • How much free space should I have in the server?
  • Because I don't have as much space on the server, I want to import table by table. So how do I know the size that a table will take from the .dmp file?

To sum up: I have the name of the table, is there a sql query that can tell me the size of this table from the dump file?

  • Was the dump produced by the old EXP utility or the new DATAPUMP EXPORT? – APC Dec 6 '18 at 16:56
  • the dump was produced by the commande : expdp – kadar Dec 11 '18 at 14:40
  • Sorry but I have absolutely no idea whether that means anything – APC Dec 19 '18 at 14:43

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