I'm trying to make work rswag gem with active_model_serializers gem to generate Swagger documentation. Documentation is generated but tests fail. If I return a standard JSON from an action, it works, otherwise, rswag raises UnexpectedResponse exception when calling JSON::Validator.fully_validate(validation_schema, body) in response_validator.

When validating the AMS response, here is how body and schema looks like:

+++++ validation_schema: {:type=>:object, :properties=>{:id=>{:type=>:integer}, :tag=>{:type=>:string}}, :required=>[:id], "$schema"=>"http://tempuri.org/rswag/specs/extended_schema"}
++++++ body: {"data":{"id":"1","type":"languages","attributes":{"tag":"mw-BQ"}}}

When returning render json: @language.to_json from showaction, for example, the same test passes.

Do you have any ideas ? I opened an issue at rswag repo, but still no response.

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