I have some python scripts that embed matlibplot.py. I run these on desktop for development, test, demonstration, and operations where they display matlibplot figures. However, I also am running these on servers where there is no graphics display, only terminal mode or in the background with output redirect.

I have set an option (manually) in the scripts's as a command line option. I would like to automatically determine (in a general way - not specific to displays and graphics such as X) if graphics are available through code. Is anyone doing this or know the snippet to perform this check?

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    You want to now if the system has a graphic card in python, is that it? – Pedro Lobito Dec 6 at 16:35
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I've put together a small function to detect if a graphic card exists on windows or linux, i.e.:

import subprocess, os

def gc_available():
    if os.name == 'nt': # Windows
        import wmi 
            wmi.WMI().computer.Win32_VideoController()[0] # Tested on Windows 10
            return 1

    elif os.name == 'posix': # Linux
        out = subprocess.getoutput('sudo lshw -c video | grep configuration') # Tested on CENTOS 7 and Ubuntu
        if out:
            return 1


if gc_available():
    print("VideoController available")
    print("VideoController Not available")
  • But if I ssh to a cluster node (possibly armed with multiple GPUs), this would still claim "VideoController available", would it not? – dedObed Dec 6 at 17:28
  • @dedObed Not sure, I'd have to test it, can you do it on a cluster node? OP never mentioned a cluster node, still, I'm curious to know the result. – Pedro Lobito Dec 6 at 17:31
  • At least that's what I understood by "running these on servers where there is no graphics display". Being in a cluster or not is, I guess, not that important, those machines just lack any VGA/HDMI/whatever output devices, don't run X server etc. – dedObed Dec 6 at 17:36
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    Pedro, this works well for my application, both in linux and windows as you designed. I ran several tests and it performed as needed. Thank you much for your quick response!!!!! – Turner Little Dec 7 at 18:16
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    you're welcome @TurnerLittle! GL. If my answer helped you, please accept it as the correct answer. Thank you! – Pedro Lobito Dec 7 at 19:05

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