I am creating one POC on spring cloud, in which I need to create one discovery service(Eureka Server) and some client (Eureka client).

I was successfully created Eureka server and was able to see the dashboard and used the following dependency in POM file.


Now when I am going to create the client then used the following dependency along with EnableEurekaClient annotation.


Now when I am going to start this component then it does not start but when I changed it dependency form eureka-client to eureka-server then it start working. But when I created project using STS in eclipse and choosed only Eureka Discovery option then it only adds client dependency not server.

Could you some add some comment on this why my client is not working with client dependency.

Thanks in Advance

  • The difference is a client is something that resisters with a server. What do you mean by not working? – spencergibb Dec 6 '18 at 19:42

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