I have a frontend with an HTML form. Everything works OK but the Phase field. The part that controls the display is shown as follows and uses some AngularJS:

<td align="center">
   <span ng-show="readonly && constituent.chemical"
       style = "width:5em;align:center">
<select ng-model="constituent.phase" ng-readonly="readonly"
    ng-show="!readonly && constituent.chemical"
    ng-options="phase as phase.abbreviation
                for phase in phases|
                track by phase.id">
   <option value=""></option>

The select list for Phase is visible only when I pick a constituent chemical, as it should be. It shows the list of options. The display initially shows the selection I make. But when I press SAVE and do a breakpoint in the JavaScript code, the object it has created to send to the backend has a phase with an ID labeled "phaseId". The role and chemical that display correctly have IDs labeled simply "id". I think that may be the source of the problem, but I have no idea how to find where in the Javascript the ID for phase is being set to "phaseId" and where this data object is being constructed from the information in the HTML form. This is inherited code and I am new to this. Thanks for your time.

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