So I have python 2.7 yum installed and running pip version 8.1.2. I also have Python 3.5.2 installed under a different directory not referenced in $PATH for version control of some applications. What I'm trying to do, is to get pip version 8.1.2 working with 2.7(it is currently doing this as they are both system yum installs) and for pip version 9.0.1 to work with python 3.5.2. I've installed a couple different rpms, none of them will relocate, are the wrong version, or require dependencies not available on Centos7 as they are distros for other OS'. So I need to get an isolated install of python-pip version 9.0.1 under the same directory in which I have python 3.5.2 running. I know it is possible, as that's the way it is running on our live server, but I can't seem to glean how it was done and my point of contact is away. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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