I am trying to subset a column in R from an xlsx file. That particular column in excel is being used to plot a graph. Because of which when I try to subset that column it gives an error.

Error in subset.default(ds[, 2]) : argument "subset" is missing, with no default

This can be done by converting xlsx to csv or removing the graph but I want to solve this problem in R.

ds<-read.xlsx("Attachment-.xlsx", sheetName= "exchangeGBP", keepFormulas = FALSE)

The data looks like this:

enter image description here

  • Show your data and the other code you used to read it, please. – TeeKea Dec 6 at 16:53
  • ds<-read.xlsx("Attachment.xlsx", sheetName= "exchangeGBP", keepFormulas = FALSE) ds<-subset(ds[,-1]) – Annie Zulfiquar Dec 6 at 16:54
  • Please post it in the question with a sample of your data. – TeeKea Dec 6 at 16:55
  • Take a look here, how to present your problems in SO. Welcome! Copy-pasting an image is a no-no here. – massisenergy Dec 6 at 17:10
  • So, you want ds to have only the whole data in the column GBP/EUR or part of it? You want to subset based on what? – TeeKea Dec 6 at 17:20

Just did it using ds <- ds$GBP.EUR Although still not sure why subset is giving error. Thanks anyway guys

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