I Have a Main Dataset filled with a heavy store procedure, the resulting data is something like this:

1      PR_01        A
2      PR_01        A
3      PR_02        B
4      PR_03        B

I need to create a crosstab per FAMILY.

I have tried setting $F{FAMILY}.equals('A') in the filter expresion from the dataset properties for one crosstab, but this property is shared between every crosstab and If a Changed the A to a parameter I can't really change it's value for every crosstab because is on the report level.

I also tried using a subdataset but when I try to set the filter expresion, it only shows the fields from the main dataset. So I'm really lost here.

I could use several subdatasets for every crosstable but like I said before, this is a heavy store procedure and loading it to much is time consuming for a single report

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