Assume a distributed queue

BlockingQueue<RequestInfo> queueA; // from redisson

and I do queueA.take in a loop and create a new Runnable using the RequestInfo object and feeding this into an ExecutorService with X threads. But even if I use a bounded BlockingQueue of just size 1 there will be an item locally waiting for a free thread that could be potentially processed from a different machine.

I.e. the requirement is that it should only do queueA.take if one of the X threads is idle.

In my first approach I used a Semaphore limited to X. This worked but it feels a bit strange as this is duplicating the limit of the ExecutorService.

The second approach I can imagine is an ExecutorService with a SynchronousQueue:

new ThreadPoolExecutor(X, X, 0, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, new SynchronousQueue<>());

Could this work and are there better possibilities?

Or can I somehow create a queue of Runnables in Redisson and use this directly in the ThreadPoolExecutor? (De)serialization will be hard in those cases I guess although I have all classes required in the Runnable available when deserializing.

Update: It looks like there are "distributed services" in Redisson that could help here but they aren't necessarily more efficient as also two queues are used also it is unclear if the ExecutorService can be overloaded as they use a simple unbounded BlockingQueue in the examples.

Update: the solution with the SynchronousQueue does not seem to work

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